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Tabernacle Drama Ministry

Easter Passion Play

For thirty-three years, The Baptist Tabernacle has presented the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ through drama and music. Every part of our Passion Play is focused on Jesus Christ as the One who is able to meet your every need. We would be honored for you to join us next year for Covington's Longest Running Passion Play! There is never any charge for admission.

Lamp Post Ministry

Our Lamp Post Ministry is geared toward children, but is enjoyed by all ages. We use skits, black light performances, puppet shows and music to portray the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Silent Praise Ministry

We realize that many people in our community have never heard the sound of a voice, the song of a bird or the rustling of leaves. Our Silent Praise Ministry tries to bring these sounds to life through a language that is beautiful for all.

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