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Meet Our Staff
Pastor's Assistant / Minister of Music

Rev. Craig Hudgins serves as Pastor’s Assistant, as well as our Minister of Music. He and his wife, Sandy, have two children and have been a part of The Tabernacle family for over 15 years. Along with the Pastoral Assistant and Music Ministry duties he is called upon to fulfill, he also teaches our Joy Sunday School Class and oversees our Children’s and Student Ministries.

Director of Seniors' Ministry

Rev. Clayton Bone is the Director of our Seniors’ Ministry. He and his wife, Karen, have a real compassion for our senior adults, nursing home residents and shut-ins. Aside from preaching weekly at the Benton House Assisted Living Facility and throughout the month at other nursing homes, he also teaches a Thursday night Bible Study and is involved in our Men’s Roundtable Class.

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Director of Youth and Student Ministries

Bro. Brant Sweat serves as Director of Youth and Student Ministries. Although he and his wife, Christann, were both brought up at The Tabernacle, they are the newest to join our ministry team. They work with our 6th-12th grades and take a personal interest in the lives of each and every teen. They guide and direct our youth in the ways of the Lord that will help give them a solid foundation in a world that wants to steer them down the wrong paths. We all know that our youth are our future. The goal of this ministry is to help cultivate a young community of ministry servants who have a sincere love and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Bro. Brant and Christann have one child, a new baby girl.

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Director of Children's Ministries

Bro. Todd Roberts and his wife, Deborah, work together as our Children's Ministries Directors.  They, along with other great volunteers, are responsible for our weekly Children's Church and Junior's Church.  Bro. Todd grew up at The Baptist Tabernacle and met Mrs. Deborah in our Christian school.  They have two grown children and one grandchild and have faithfully served together in this ministry for over 15 years.

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Director of Reformers Unanimous
Rev. Walt Pickens is the Director of our Reformers Unanimous Ministry. He and his wife, Kathy, have a sincere love for those who are hurting and struggling with addictions. Reformers Unanimous is a Bible-based program that helps men and women who struggle with an addiction or a “stubborn habit.” RU offers a full curriculum that is tried and proven. This ministry has helped hundreds of people in their fight against substance abuse, alcohol, over-eating, gambling, tobacco, pornography, anger and many other addictions. Are you tired of your lifestyle of addiction? Are you tired of trying to quit time and time again with no success? Do you want to completely transform and change your life? There is HOPE and HELP for anyone who wants it! Our Reformers Unanimous chapter offers a friendly, family atmosphere with some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! They know what you’re going through and can help share what God has done for them.
Pastor of Viviendo por Fe

Bro. Sergio Aguirre serves as Pastor of our Spanish Ministry, Vivieno por Fe. He and his wife, Gladis, came to America from Guatemala to provide a better life for their two sons. He leads our Spanish services every other Sunday at 4:00 p.m., and also offers classes for those who wish to learn Spanish. Bro. Sergio has a heart for the Spanish-speaking people, and a desire to see them come to know the Lord as Savior.

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