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"Arise and Build" Program
The R. Hudson Moody Christian Heritage Center
Praise the Lord, we are outgrowing our facilities! God is at work in and through our great Church. Our growth in numbers and in spirit is wonderful, but we can no longer do all that we need to do, or all that God might call us to do, with our present space. The construction of “The R. Hudson Moody Christian Heritage Center” will provide us with much needed additional space and will serve many uses for each ministry of TBT. Completion of this project will allow us to see, what many of us have held in our hearts and prayers for many years now, become a reality.  We must build for the future so that we can continue our rich History and Goodly Heritage.
Our New Multi-purpose Facility Will Provide:
  • Additional classrooms for education programs for all ages
  • More space for our Homecoming/Jubilee, with flexibility to grow
  • Additional space for our children and youth, and making that space more secure
  • More space for our Spring and Fall Revivals and other camp meetings
  • An athletic facility for all ages to enjoy
  • Additional space for our annual Vision Dinner and other fellowship and special event activities
  • Conference rooms
  • More space for our Vacation Bible School
  • A prophet’s chamber for visiting preachers, missionaries or Church family needs
  • Rehearsal space for our wonderful music ministry, Christmas programs and annual Passion Play
  • More flexible space for our expected continued growth in response to the needs of our Church family and our community
  • Much needed additional kitchen space
  • Additional parking for our growing Church family
  • Additional storage space and restroom access
Our Mission
In the book of Nehemiah, the Lord called all the people to work side by side to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. A clear vision, unity and blessings from the Lord were present as the people sought His guidance. Jesus is our Cornerstone, and we believe that “The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build:” (Nehemiah 2:20). The name of our building campaign is “Arise and Build” because we, too, feel called to rise up, join together and be living stones in this building endeavor.  With additional space available, who knows what new directions God will send us? Catch the vision and get on-board!
Our Goals
  • To extend our ministries and see more souls saved
  • To provide facilities that meet the needs of our Church family, both now and for the future
  • To look for God’s guidance and direction, seeking the ways in which He wants to work through each of us
What Can You Do?
Pray -- Seeking God’s will is the foundation. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our leadership and support from our whole Church family.
Get involved and be supportive -- See what God is doing in our Church! Learn everything you can about our ministries, our building plans and God’s vision for our future. Faithfully and joyfully join your gift to the gifts of the whole Church family. Ephesians 4:16 says, “From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.”  We need each person to discover his own calling within the calling of the Church. We need our sense of commitment to grow along with our growing ministries. We need you, and what only you can do. We need a Church family full of faithful servants who are willing to “Arise and Build.”
Share your faith -- Take this opportunity for worship and for study to deepen your faith. The entire Church family is on this journey! Listen for and learn from the faith of others. Share what you are learning.  Encourage others with what you are excited about and with how you see God at work in your life and in the life of our Church.
Make your own prayerful decision -- Turn your prayers and faith into action. Make a giving decision that honors God and that is right for you. I challenge you to give sacrificially to this building project. It may be a weekly or monthly offering beyond your current tithes and Faith Promise giving, or you may find some other unique way to help achieve our goal. Only you can give your part and every gift is important.
If we work together, stepping forward in faith, I believe that we can accomplish more than we can imagine. I am excited to see what God will do through this new phase of our Church and I am asking for the support and prayers of all of our Church family. I believe that with this new addition, we will be able to reach many more families in our community with the Blessed Hope. Together we can create a future worthy of our past.  Join in prayer, join in commitment and join in excitement as we pursue this goal together.
Pastor David C. Moody
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